Discover What Pilates Can Do For You..


Look Better - Pilates improves your posture and therefore your appearance by opening out, lengthening and  strengthening back, chest and abdominal muscles and correcting muscle imbalances in the body.

Move better - Pilates mobilises your joints helping you feel better. By exercising muscles surrounding the joints to stabilise them the blood flow is improved, the muscles get stronger and with your joints working as intended your whole body wil move more freely.
Improve your balance and stability – Pilates works your body and your mind together and gives you greater body awareness.  Increased strength and mobility lead to improvements in core stability and body balance.
Uncover the Benefits of Pilates Exercise - Do you have aches and pains that you didn’t have when you were younger? Can you no longer do the work you used to do or worse, play the way you used to play, because your body has absorbed the demands of your daily living?