"I was diagnosed with lumbar spine degenerative discs in 2003My consultant recommended that I stop any high impact exercise and consider doing Pilates.   I was fortunate to already be training with Linda but had to totally rethink my exercise regime.  As Linda had already trained in Pilates she made the transition very easy.  She would carefully plan moves that would help me with my condition but also incorporate variety and challenge.  Over the next 10 years we worked together to strength my core strength my core muscles which help to support my lower back.  She would make the moves interesting and challenging so I never got bored and in fact I don’t ever think I have done the routine twice so I never got bored.  She would use a number of different pieces of equipment such as the ‘magic circle and ‘the roller’

Working on a one to one basis with Linda has allows her to plan specific routines which are tailored to my needs.   I have been very lucky as I feel my all round fitness has improved and rarely feel the need to take pain medication.  Linda has always been a considerate, patient and encouraging trainer who has helped me to lead a pain free and mobile existence."


Sarita Mistry

 July 2015

"I took up Pilates with Linda following a recommendation from a friend and I was not disappointed. Linda quickly progressed me through the levels and at each stage I felt challenged in the work we were doing. I started Pilates because I had developed a chronic back injury through sport and was constantly in pain. I have to say that it was only through doing Pilates with Linda that I managed to strengthen my core enough to manage my back pain and function normally at work and home. I thoroughly recommend Linda and her Pilates classes."


Dan Leonard

July 2015


"A chance conversation led me to Linda and Pilates.  I have scoliosis or a curve in my spine which had given me  lower back pain for many years.  In addition my posture was also poor.  A colleague at work mentioned she also suffered from lower back pain and recommended Linda.  Due to my scoliosis and work commitments I knew that 1:1 was the only way I would be able to regularly commit to Pilates.  I had an initial session with Linda and she assessed my situation and got me started. 

Three years down the line I am pain free and my posture has significantly changed.  I stand taller and straighter.  In the past people noticed my curve but with my improved posture it is now much less noticeable.

Through 1:1 sessions Linda was able to tailor the exercises to my individual needs and her unfailing encouragement and insistence on completing the exercises correctly has quite literally changed my life!

I cannot recommend her highly enough as a Pilates teacher."


Sally House

July 2015


"I’m so pleased I was introduced to Pilates with Linda; it has helped me to improve and maintain my posture and to have a better understanding of muscles, co-ordination and balance.  Linda is attentive to everyone individually – there’s no hiding place in Linda’s classes!  She is clearly passionate and professional about Pilates and this is always evident in her teaching.

Linda always takes care to ensure any individual needs are met, even within a full class.  She has a wealth of knowledge gained over the years and her eagle eyes immediately spot if the smallest move or position is not quite right.

I have loved attending Linda’s classes for over 10 years now, and will miss her hugely when she moves away.  Even after a busy day at my desk, by the end of a class the stresses and strains have lifted and I always feel better for having taken part

Thank you for everything Linda – life will not be the same without you!"


Janet Brady 

10 July 2015 


I am 50 years young! I started Pilates in 2006, when Linda asked me if I would be a ‘body’ for her to train with to complete her qualification with

The Pilates Institute. I was delighted, as I had known  Linda since having my first child in 2001, through her postnatal exercise classes.


Although my fitness level was very good at this point from two personal training sessions with Linda per week, I felt that it would add variety to my weekly routine.

Pilates is a controlled, precise form of exercise, and it was evident from the onset that I had a problem with balance on my right side.

Under Linda’s guidance, I continued with my personal Pilates sessions until July 2015, when Linda moved to Southsea.

Thanks to her (& Pilates) my overall posture has changed. I am an inch taller, I am more ‘body aware’ & feel good about myself both inside& out!

Pilates has not only educated my body but also my mind.


I am truly grateful for everything that Linda has worked on with me. She is an amazing person with incredible knowledge of the body and the exercise it needs!

I (& my body) will miss her dreadfully!



Kae Hewitt

July 2015




To read more testimonials from people who have attended Linda's classes please download: Class testimonials PDF